tMS, the upgrade.


If you’re familiar with The Medium Stream, you may have noticed the major change at You may have also noticed that I haven’t posted here in MONTHS. My last entry mentioned the fact that the direction of this blog is and will be changing.

The Medium Stream has now become, simply, “tMS”. tMS is a community based website that offers a social network engine and a place for creators of all shapes and sizes to share useful information with eachother – Not to mention the information tMS will be displaying for its members to have and use. After all of this time, the site is finally up now. It has quite a few bugs, and won’t be officially launched for awhile but please feel free to be one of the first to join the community! Right now, as a member, you have the ability to write blogs, integrate your profile with major websites like Twitter, and Flickr, create private or public groups of any topic of your choice (with a private/public forum for each group) and more! Lots of things are in the works and much is in progress. I am now focusing more on my own blog there, rather than here, so join the site for many more updates!


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