Remakes, Biopics and Garbage

Jean-Luc Godard

All right, so if you haven’t notice I haven’t written a THING for weeks. A lot of people are asking why and are floored at the sudden hault of posts. Here is the simple truth… There hasn’t been anything interesting enough to post. Have you noticed that most of the things in the works right now are mostly remakes (has been for years, really) but now they’ve stooped down to the level where now they’re trying to re-vamp Biopics aswell… Either that or some recycled version of The Matrix (-coughWantedcough-), or some other super poppy movie. I mean come on, they’re making a biopic about EVERYTHING nowdays. EVERY – THING. Bob Marley, George W. Bush, Michael Jordan (what are they on now, the 5th biopic?), Hugh Hefner, the list goes on literally FOREVER. We seriously need a Film Petition Society. Anyway, the concept of this blog will be changing over time. Looks like Jean-Luc Godard was spot on about the film industry. Until then… CRITERION COLLECTION, HERE I COME!


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