Adam Sandler tries thriller


Adam SandlerWell surprise, surprise, Adam Sandler’s production company Happy Madison is taking a turn into a new genre. I’ll give you one guess… and I’ll give you a hint — “Scary Madison” is the new name of new production company designed for the new genre. That’s right, a “thriller” film. The film will be called “Shortcut”. And for those curious foes, Adam Sandler will be an exec producer and will not be starring in the film. It’s a shame… Adam Sandler isn’t too bad of an actor and we rarely ever get to see him in something that isn’t a “comedy” (in all honesty, are they really that funny?). Check out the original source at The Hollywood Reporter for more details.


One Response to “Adam Sandler tries thriller”

  1. Adam Sandler is classic, though he tends to do his best work when he isn’t trying too hard to be funny or deep

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