“S. Darko” goes to Berkley


Elizabeth Berkley

Awhile ago I posted a blog that introduced the factor of “S. Darko” (aka “Samantha D”) – the sequel to Donnie Darko. I’m wondering why they didn’t/don’t just call it “Samantha Darko” … Wouldn’t that have made more sense?

To make this film’s “probable failure” rating go off the charts, Elizabeth Berkley has joined the cast. The concept itself is ridiculous and adding Berkley doesn’t seem too intelligent. I had a long list of reasons why… But I know you guys and gals understand what I’m saying. Three titles explain it all – Saved by the Bell, Showgirls, and … Step It Up and Dance? For all the known details thus far check out this article at Reuters. I wonder what Richard Kelly is thinking right about now…


One Response to ““S. Darko” goes to Berkley”

  1. I was an extra in this movie just a few days ago! Didn’t see Ms. Berkley but it was cool to be an extra. Look for the bearded guy with the striped shirt at the pool party to see my fine work. Yeah theres a pool party. Can you believe that? What are they thinking? I didn’t see the first one but I know one person who didn’t suck in this one and that person was the on the set cook. Amazing.

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