Batman milk


Well… I was preparing a very long post for this, explaining how this is more funny than anything… but these are just priceless XD

Batman Milk
Batman Milk 2


One Response to “Batman milk”

  1. Hey everyone my name is, Grimes, and I Love comics and I love movies. Knowing that my chances of being abducted by a UFO by Leather Goddesses from Uranus then making a 200 million dollar movie, I decided to learn a little animation so I can work on my dream project. I use the real comics so that there is a genuine feel. I am really proud of my newest project “Dark Knight: The Last Laugh” staring Al Pacino as the Dark Knight and Robert DeNiro as Joker. There is also a watchman video as well. Please check them out on YOUTUBE and please, please comment or link…my name there is WESTSIDEMEDIA. I really appreciate the support from the community. Here is the direct link to the film

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