“Spidey” gets a face lift?


If you’ve been keeping up with my posts, you know that the “re-up” has been paid for Spiderman 4 – And there are also rumors of 4 and 5 being back to back. In recent news, according to Latino Review, it is said that producers are tossing around names for the replacement of Tobey Maguire.


The first two are said to be…

Patrick Fugit


Michael Angarano

At this point I’m kind of scratching my head. If this is really true… Have the producers of the movie(s) really seen the old comics or even the old Spiderman cartoon? It is obvious that Tobey Maguire looks and acts absolutely, positively NOTHING like ANY of the versions of Peter Parker I’ve ever known about. Is that his fault? In a way, absolutely, but in an even greater way – absolutely not. Should we blame the director, and, even further more, the WRITER(S) of the Spiderman films? YES. However, this is also why it gets me excited when they replace people who completely don’t fit in roles like this… Until you find out who they’re thinking of replacing him with.

I don’t mean to bash so much but it is very stressful when you just want to see a decent (let alone GREAT) movie that sticks to the original story and keeps characters in check – Which hollywood never does.

I will admit Patrick Fugit would probably play a better Peter Park than Maguire could ever pull off… but just face it, he looks more like Tobey Maguire than Tobey Maguire does. As for the other guy… Well, we might as well call it “Spider Boy” instead of Spiderman 4 because, obviously, Michael Argarano is way too young.

Film Petition Society… If you’re out there… Yeah.


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