Bow Wowwy Wow… Full Time Actor?


Occassionally you’ll come across a multi-talented person… Who can act, and can actually create some great music. They are the kind of people that you can respect just for being creators, the people in the background… Not Brad Pitt… but certainly not Bo Bice by any means.

Bow Wow

I read this article and nearly shrugged myself to sleep. Bow Wow as a full time actor. I mean Ludacris is not that bad of an actor… As a matter of fact, he’s pretty good. But I mean come on… BOW WOW? I’m at a loss for words. Remember that Film Petition Society I mentioned before… We may need to add Television into the society – We’re dealing with some desperate measures now. If you’re out there beloved Film Petition Society, please let us know! But honestly now… Who knows, maybe he might turn his life around and actually have a hidden talent somewhere hidden in there. Whatever or wherever “there” is.


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