Filmmakers – Don’t forget “Time Fest”!

Time Fest

As we all know by now, Sundance, Cannes, and all sorts of high-exposure film festivals have crept their little bodies into our lives and we can’t help but embrace the red carpets, celebs, yadda yadda yadda yadda… But the root of it all, where it all began – “Indie” film. What was once “Indie” most certainly has a different definition nowdays. Enter DVXuser. DVXuser has true, independent, online film festivals made by “the kids around town” from all over the place. I’ve been a member of DVXuser for quite some time (it’s turning into YEARS now, can you believe it?) and I always seem to miss the deadline for every fest… I just can’t work that fast! This year I sought to change that but I am heading toward the precedented road once again… With less than a month to write, cast, film, and edit a short film… Can it be done? … Prolly, but I’m just lazy so I’m going to stick with “The chances are slim, Jeff”. But for all you other lightning fast filmmakers (and a reminder to the ones who have already started their films), there is still time! “Time Fest” is the current festival going on right now.

Prizes have yet to be announced (as far as I can see), but click here to check out the details! Goodluck and God Speed!


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